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Personnel De-dusting Booth System

Bat Booth®

Dusty work clothes can create 10-fold increase in staff exposure to dust which may lead to a range of serious lung diseases such as silicosis, coal workers’ pneumoconiosis and lung cancer.

Mideco’s Bat Booth® was created specifically to protect your most precious resource –  people – from the harmful effects of fine dust. Bat Booth® is a unique personnel dust extraction device, created specifically for workplaces where dust is a hazard. It can permanently remove up to 80% of dust in seconds and is effective against even the smallest dust particles such as silica.

How does it work?

Bat Booth® uses compressed air to blow the dust off the contaminated clothing. The dust is then captured and contained via a special filtering system. The Bat Booth® is equipped with powerful HEPA filters which comply with the latest American NIOSH standard and are currently the most efficient filters commercially available. The process takes only 10 – 12 seconds and removes 50% more dust than other commonly used methods. The competitive solutions where a single point air hose method is used usually provide only temporary relief.

Why use it?

In addition to being extremely efficient and cost effective, Bat Booth® doesn’t require complicated installation and won’t slow down your work.  This standalone unit comes assembled on a skid base and is operational almost immediately as all that’s required is compressed air and a power connection. Once on site it can be used multiple times per day. Bat Booth® also comes with full engineering support and undergoes regular maintenance. Mideco engineers check the filters four times a year to ensure high level of dust removal throughout the operating cycle.


Bat Booth® could be used for a variety of applications, below is a list of some of them.

  • Industrial minerals processing
  • Silica processing
  • Lead recycling
  • Metal refining
  • Powder coating processes
  • Wood working companies
  • Textile plants
  • Copper smelting operations
  • Mineral mining operations & quarries
  • Bulk grain processing
  • Healthcare industries
  • Cement processing plants
  • Constructions sites
  • Fertiliser processing


After being launched in 2014 Bat Booth® has been helping businesses take care of their staff and environment in many locations in Australia and around the world. It is currently installed in America and Canada and in Australia is used at Karreman Quarries, Glencore, Boral and BHP sites amongst others. Mideco’s Bat Booth® even helps to keep the radioactive dust at bay at BHPB Olympic Dam, uranium mine. We are able to customise our dust solutions to any client and application, no matter how challenging or complex they might be.


Locally Bat Booth® won “Highly Commended” award in the category of “Best Practice in Work Health & Safety” at the “Australian Bulk Handling Award” in Sydney in 2016. 

Overseas it has been included in the Dust Control Handbook produced by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It was presented as one of the best examples of removing dust from personnel uniforms thus helping prevent dust related diseases, in particular those caused by silica exposure.

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